Playgroup/ KB

Little Koala Montessori Playgroup is an educational institution provided for children aged 1 1/2 – 4 years. We use 3 curriculum including the Dinas Curriculum, Montessori Curriculum (EPL (Exercise of Practical Life), Cultural Sensorial, Language & Math), and Beijing for Mandarin. As well as implementing trilingual there is Bahasa Indonesia, English (Daily), and Mandarin. Little koala Motessori Playgroup has Goals Confident, Eager to make Friends, Independent, etc. To achieve this goal, we maximized by placing 1 class consisting of 15 students and 3 teachers.


Creating a pleasant environment that educates children to have trust in God, good character, smart, creative, confident and independent.


  1. Be punctual and polite
  2. Growing devotion to God from an early age
  3. Respect differences in ethnicity, religion, and customs
  4. Be kind to parents, teachers and the community
  5. Creating a pleasant learning atmosphere so that learning targets can be achieved
  6. Increase creativity and innovation in children