Kindergarten/ TK

Little Koala Montessori Kindergarten is an educational institution provided for children aged 3 1/2 – 6 years. We use 3 curriculum including the Dinas Curriculum, Montessori Curriculum (EPL (Exercise of Practical Life), Cultural Sensorial, Language & Math), and Beijing for Mandarin. As well as implementing trilingual there is Bahasa Indonesia, English (Daily), and Mandarin. Little koala Motessori Kindergarten has Goals Fun Learning by Playing, Good Character, etc. To achieve this goal, we maximized by placing 1 class consisting of 24 students and 3 teachers for KG A, 15 Students and 2 Teachers for KG B.


To establish a Good child who has a good character, Intelligent and Leadership-minded Students.


  1. Growing children who are physically and mentally healthy
  2. Have good manners and attitude
  3. Optimizing the 6 Aspects of Child
  4. Development (Moral and Religious Values, Social Emotional, Physical Motor, Cognitive, Language and Art)
  5. Creating fun learning activities
    Train children to be independent and have high self-confidence
  6. Become a school that have fun learning as playing