Hilaris Junior High School is a technology-based junior high school so that students can adapt and be proficient in using technology that is developing very fast. Hilaris Junior High School adopted 3 curricula, namely the Indonesian K13 Curriculum, the Cambridge and Singapore Curriculum. There are 3 goals that Hilaris Junior High School targets for students, namely Academic, Character and Skill and we provide character strengthening programs through Scouting and Hilaris Business Class activities.


Develop Hilaris Junior High School as a technologhy-based school reaching an excellent academic streghten by Leadership with character and entrepreneurial skills to deal with the global challenges.


  1. Applying a school concept which is oriented by students having a global outlook in order to create highly competitive graduates.
  2. Advancing the using of English after Indonesian language and technology in all learning activities.
  3. Building students’ character as a support for academic and skills to create a student who have a good character.
  4. Giving students an Entrepreneurship platform-based skill to deal with the current work progression.