LKM-Hilaris Educational Institution

Dr. Debby Andriany, MM.

LKM-Hilaris Education Institution Founder

LKM-Hilaris Educational Institution (Playgroup, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior High School, Senior High School & After School Programs) Has achieved A for accreditation score from the Republic of Indonesia’s education authorities

LKM-Hilaris was established under the Nothary Certificate of Marce Krisna Moerni, SH No.20./ January 30, 2009, which was approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights No. 2009.

LKM-Hilaris aims to establish a qualified education development centre in global competition goal, based on “Pancasila and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” alongside with 3 pillars : “Academic-Character-Skill.

The school implement IT-Based school learning by using Singapore MC EDUHUB (digital platform to conduct learning activities and tests) & STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematic) as Project based learning.

We Utilize National, Cambridge, Singapore and Chinese curriculums at Primary, Junior High & Senior High School Levels. Montessori method at Playgroup & Kindergarten Levels.

There are some special programs to build and improve our students’ Leadership and Entrepreneurship skill set by: -Compulsory Intracurricular: “Hilaris Sociopreneur & Hilaris Digital Youngpreneur”
-SEP (Student Exchange Program)
-Grateful Program
-UPC (University Preparation & Collaboration)
-Some supported Extra Curriculars, such as: Coding, Dance, Vocal, Futsal, Basketball, Religions, Lessons (Math, Mandarin, etc.)

Dr. Debby Andriany, M.M. is the founder of LKM-Hilaris Educational Institution & Edu. Consultant.
1. Graduated from Doctoral Degree in Education Management.
2. Education Consultant for institutions in Kalimantan, Bandung, Jakarta, Tangerang, Serpong, etc. with Mr. Arief Hardianto.
3. Practitioner Lecturer in postgraduate University.
4. Speaker of education on campuses and schools (both public and private).
5. Author of Education Management Books in Gramedia.
6. Author of Lesson books for students.
7. Educational researchers (comparative studies in Finland, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.)
8. Running the sister school (Playgroup, Kindergarten, Primary, Intervention Class) at Asa Gemilang school BSD with Ms. Mayang Ayu Faluthamia, S.Pd. M.Kesos.
9. Create compulsory Intracurricular in Hilaris with Principals & teachers.

Ms. Debby has been in the world of education since her childhood because her father was an English lecturer who founded an English language course when she was 7 years old. Her father involved her in teaching and managing an institution since she was 15 years old. her past experience also includes becoming a teacher and principal in schools.