About Us

The LKM-Hilaris Educational Institution which has been accredited A at the education office of the Republic of Indonesia and applies the Cambridge, Singapore and Chinese curriculum for Mandarin at the elementary, junior high, senior high school grades and adopts the Montessori method in playgroup and kindergarten, is a holistic education forum that emphasizes on 3 pillars, namely: Academic, Character and Skills.

The school started as a playgroup and courses, then continued to kindergarten, elementary, junior high and senior high school levels at the request of parents who were satisfied with the results of their children’s education. Courses are not only developed in English, but also in Mandarin, Calistung (Reading, writing, and arithmetic), Tutoring from elementary to high school and vocational levels.

This educational institution was created by a doctor of educational management, namely Dr. Debby Andriany, M.M. who since the age of 15 years has been in the field of education. Where her father was a lecturer who retired early and opened an educational institution for English courses. This institution continues to grow because of the leader who really loves education and continues to innovate and do a lot of education in the world such as Finland, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia etc. So that they highly uphold the quality of education accompanied by infrastructure that is continuously developed

This institution is based on the values ​​of Pancasila and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, therefore all places of religious worship exist in this institution, because education does not separate differences, but educates students to respect differences. Not long ago, the head of the education office said that the educational institution of LKM-Hilaris school was actually a Pancasila school and Pancasila students because it was true that respect and appreciate for fellow students who had differences was a common thing if one student was fasting, students of different religions do not eat in front of those who are fasting. Students waiting for other students who are praying are also often encountered, there is no foreign feeling for them, in fact they respect each other.

There are many more unique features of each level at the LKM-Hilaris Institution, both schools and courses that can be followed by students outside of our school.


An Educational Institution with 3 pillars of “Academic-Character-Skill with Pancasila & Bhinneka Tunggal Ika as our Foundation”.

Therefore We Honor all religious believes & their ways of worship by Facilitating their needs in this institution because education doesn’t separate differences but educates students to respect differences


1 . Vigorously carry out a learning Place with Motto :
“Learn-Fun- Smart” We make sure Our students will be a critical thinker and ready to face Global competition.

2. Strongly emphasize an institution that is ready to compete globally & meets international standard by:
– Indonesian Curricullum.
– English Cambridge
– Mandarin language.
– Singapore Math, science & online learning.
– STEAM (Science-Technology Engineering-Art-Math).
– Montessori Method in Little Koala Montessori PG & KG.

3. Productively prepare the students to be able to contribute great things and be meaningful to their society, through flagship Programs :
– Hilaris Sociopreneur
– Hilaris Digital Young Preneur
– Hilaris SEP (Students Exchange Program)-Hilaris Grateful Program
– Hilaris UPC (University Preparation and Collaboration).